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Before a document is Apostilled, it will have to be notarised by a Public Notary.


An Apostille means a certificate issued by the government of a country, (in this case Australia) authenticating the signatures and or seal of a public official (in this case that of the Public Notary) or public document issued by that country and intended for use in a foreign country.


As a general rule, countries that are a member of the Hague Apostille Convention require an Apostille.


To check if the country where you are sending your document is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, please check Hague Conference on Private International Law.


Some countries, despite being a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, may not require an Apostille.




Before a document is Authenticated, it will have to be notarised by a Public Notary.


As a general rule, countries which are not members of the Hague Apostille Convention require the documents to be Legalised by their respective consulate or embassy.


Most consulates will only Legalise a notarial document if it has been Authenticated by DFAT.


Some consulates/embassies will dispense with this requirement if they have a sample of the notaries signatures and seals.


DFAT can issue both Apostille and Authentication Certificates.


For both Apostille and Authentication Certificates, DFAT charges a fee, please check with DFAT.


An appointment is required, with DFAT.


Both Apostille and Authentication Certificates, certify the authenticity of the notaries’ signatures and seals on the document.


For the location of DFAT, Fee and Request Form, please click here.


However, before you proceed further, please check with the government of the country concerned, to find out what stamp Apostille or Authentication, if any is required.


This advice can only be provided by the overseas government you are dealing with or from their consulates or embassies in Australia.


For a list of consulates or embassies in Australia, please click here.


For certain countries and certain documents, some additional Legalisation requirements may be required. Please check with the country of intended use.


Please be advised that it is not the responsibility of the Public Notary to advise on the official requirements or processes of the Australian Government and/or the foreign country where the notarised document is destined for use. You should make your own enquiries.


Click here for the samples of Apostille & Authentification Certificates.


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