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Before seeing our Public Notary, it helps to know what we need from you.

If you require a notarised copy of an original document, you must bring along the original document. In this case, anybody can bring in the original document, unless the photograph on the documents also needs to be verified.

If your signature and/or photograph needs to be verified, you will need to personally attend our office to sign the document before the Public Notary.

We are unable to verify your signatures over Skype, or FaceTime or video-link.

The document(s) signed in the absence of Public Notary will not be notarised.

Please Note: We will make the photocopies of the original document(s) in our office.

Prior to the meeting:

Please make a prior appointment, by visiting our Book an Appointment page or Contact Us.

Please ensure that the NAME(S) of the person(s) executing the document is spelt exactly the same as on the person’s Photo Identity Document.

If the document to be notarised is in a language other than English, please ensure that the Name(s) of the person(s) executing the document is mentioned in English on the document and is spelt exactly the same as on the person’s Photo Identity Document.

For complex documents, fax or email us a copy, or Upload your document.

For the meeting:

Bring the original document(s) which require notarisation.

Bring a valid Photo Identity Document.

Photo Identity Documents acceptable are Passport, Driver’s Licence, Proof of Age Card or Student I-Card from a recognised University or an accredited Government educational institution.

Bring a valid Address Proof Document, only if specifically requested by us.

Address Proof Documents acceptable are Bank Statements, Utility Invoices or Council Demand Notices.

Bring any instructions you have received from overseas, where the notarised document needs to be sent.

If a document is being signed on behalf of a company, then please bring:

  • The latest company extract from ASIC;

  • Document showing that the authorised person has the authority to sign; and

  • A Photo Identity Document of the authorised person who is signing on behalf of the Company.

It is a good idea to bring/email our office a soft copy of the document just in case the document requires minor changes or needs to be reprinted.

Photo Identity Document
Address Proof Docment

Important Information:

Any alteration to the document must be struck off & initialled by the Signatory and the Public Notary.

Please do not use a whitener.

Country-specific Information:

In Western Australia, a Deed must be signed by the maker and attested by at least one witness, who is not a party to the Deed.

Power of Attorney to be used in India requires two witnesses. The signatory can get their own two witnesses along with their respective Photo Identity Document or can choose to use the witnesses available in our office (subject to availability).

If any member of our office (if available) is to witness your signature on the document(s), they will be unable to provide a copy of their identity document, if so required by the foreign authority requiring the document(s).

Thus if any witnesses are required for any of your document(s), it will be better that you, please bring your own witnesses, who would be willing to provide you with a copy of their identity document.

Barbados, Malaysia and South Africa, require signatures to be in black ink.

Post Notary:

It is suggested that you may send a scanned copy of your notarised document overseas by email, before you courier/post it, to confirm with the concerned authority/department if they are satisfied with the document. This is just by way of abundant caution & is not mandatory.


We can email a scanned copy of the notarised document to you if you so request.


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Bargain Legal Pty Ltd (ABN 92 608 034 395) trading as Notary Express.


Address: Level 1, 422 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth WA 6006 Australia.


Mailing Address:  PO BOX 313, North Perth WA 6906 Australia.

Phone:  +61 8 6262 9701

Mobile:  +61 426 240 264

Fax:  +61 8 9328 6019


For any general enquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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